From our achievements… Prototyping, 3D printing and plastic molding




prototype - engrenage - impression 3D

First of a series - The prototype

The process (or method) prototyping is to create a prototype. This prototype is an incomplete and non-definitive copy of what may be the final product or object. It can be created by 3D printing or from a numeric controlled lathe.



Electric water heaters for swimming pools

Molding is the action of taking an impression which will then mold into which a material will be placed and allow the drawing or producing multiple copies of a model. Plastic molding is therefore to place a material (liquid, paste, powder, etc..) In a mold it will take shape.


Molding plastic glass

The finished product

Molding along with transparency. It is possible to use this technique to produce a set of different varieties. MOLDSR will meet all your needs for 3D reproduction, whether for a single product or a production on a larger scale. Doing business with you for over 10 years and constantly evolving team, MOLDSR will accompany you throughout the project, from design of the prototype to product finish while using the latest technologies.


High quality research for MOLDSR is …


• To demonstrate integrity at any time to our clients.

• Acquire the necessary training to keep their knowledge up to date.
• Continually improve their products and services in order to exceed the expectation of their customers.

• MOLDSR promises to deliver a premium product.
• Meet deadlines for production and delivery.


Our trusted partners


ADFAST name comes from the fusion of words ADHESIVE and FASTENER.

Specialized in buying and manufacturing of corrugated cardboard and boxboard.

The Economic Council of Beauce region

Specialist in product development

  • During all phases of the project, MOLDSR has been able to meet all of our requirements. A professional approach and a personalized customer service. Congratulations! Highly recommended.–Carol Mayrand, ECCN

  • If I am a customer of MOLDSR for several years, is that I am always satisfied with the work he does. His parts are always well done. As an entrepreneur Stéphane is very dynamic, creative and resourceful. He doesn't hesitate to offer us his ideas to constantly improve our product and reduce their cost. For us, Stephane is a supplier, a partner, an advisor and a friend. A professional work at a concurentiel price. –Daniel Lesage