Frequently Asked Questions

Having a problem? Can't figure something out? You've come to the right place. This FAQ contains many of the most frequently asked questions about our products.


  • Can we dye resin ?

    Yes, it can be dyed with any colors.

  • What kind of plastic do you use ?

    We mostly use silicon and polyurethane.

  • Is it expensive to make a mold ?

    It depends on the complexity of the mould.  The criteria to remember are the dimension of the mould and the number of copy to make with it to divide the cost of the mould.

  • Mode of payment

    By Check / Money Order

    Please make your check / money order payable to:

    Moulage SR inc.
    9087, boulevard Lacroix
    St-Georges, Qc G5Y 2B4

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